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Attorney Collaboration and Why It Matters To You the Client

Posted on May 09, 2012

Lawyers Associated Worldwide (“LAW”) held the Americas Regional Meeting in San Francisco on March 29-31, 2012. 71 attorneys from 51 law firms in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Central and South America attended the meeting. The Knox Firm was represented by and Dave Mosier.

Dave Mosier at a LAW meeting

Rebecca Turner, PhD, Professor, Organizational Psychology CSPP/Alliant International University and Turner Consulting Group, together with a group of facilitators led the attendees through a series of “collaboration” exercises. These exercises were designed to remove barriers and achieve the best result through team based collaborative efforts.

Working collaboratively as a team on client matters, especially those matters requiring different areas of expertise, allow the best attorney with the most appropriate skill set to work on a particular matter. Collaborative efforts within the Knox Firm allow the attorneys within and between different practice groups to share information regarding possible trends in the law and new legal developments. From a client perspective, collaboration should result in more efficient work product and increased satisfaction.

A few “take-aways” that apply not only to attorneys but should also apply to your team members trying to collaborate to solve a problem include: 1) team members listening to each other and each other’s ideas [trying to understand the other team members’ message]; 2) the rules of courteous discussion apply [e.g. one person speaks at a time; members do not interrupt or speak over another team member]; 3) be respectful of each other’s ideas [not every idea is a winner, but remember, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn occasionally]; 4) build on each other’s ideas; and 5) remember that you are working together to resolve a problem.

The attendees at the LAW Americas Regional Meeting had the benefit of participating in this session to develop collaborative techniques both within their respective law firms and between and among the LAW member firms. If you would like more information about Lawyers Associated Worldwide or would like to discuss the global needs of your business and how we can assist you, please contact Dave Mosier at 814-459-2800 or dmosier@kmgslaw.com.

David M.Mosier

David M. Mosier

David M. Mosier's practice includes business and tax transactions, retirement benefits, designing and drafting of employee pension and welfare benefit plans, and more.

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