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In-Home Waiver for Medicaid

Posted on January 14, 2022

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Most information surrounding Medicaid eligibility and qualification focuses on care provided at a long-term care facility. Some individuals, however, may choose to receive care at their own home (or the home of a loved one).

In Pennsylvania, the at-home programs are called Home and community-based services (HCBS), and are also known as waiver-funded services or waiver programs. Pennsylvania is able to use federal funds that would go toward long-term care facilities' care and treatment of qualified individuals because the federal government waives medical assistance rules in specific cases.

Individuals must still be medically and financially eligible. To be financially eligible, the applicant must have resources valued at less than $2,400 and monthly income less than $2,523.

The document linked below shows the steps to follow to apply for Waiver Services in Pennsylvania, for long-term care in the home.

Knox Law's Elder Law team can advise you about this process and eligibility for this benefit, along with other Medicaid, Elder Law and estate planning matters.

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Jerome C.Wegley

Jerome C. Wegley

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