Long-Term Care Providers

Nursing Home and Long-Term Care Providers

Attorneys at Knox McLaughlin Gornall & Sennett, P.C. have experience with the specific legal needs of long-term care providers. We work with a variety of facilities including county-run, nonprofit, and for-profit entities. Our attorneys focus on particular areas of the law in order to gain the in‑depth knowledge required to provide the most efficient and effective legal service possible.

Our collective experience in the long-term care environment combined with knowledge in specific areas of law provides a valuable legal resource for administrators, managers, board members, and owners. We serve your legal needs in the following areas:

Business & Tax

Corporate Structure & Finance

Our business attorneys have been involved in developing the corporate structures of a variety of healthcare institutions. We have specific and up‑to‑date knowledge of tax‑exempt bonds, notes, and other financing methods. Our experienced creditors' rights attorneys can address collection matters. And if you need help on contractual arrangements or on governance issues concerning your board of directors, we can offer advice from attorneys who have extensive experience in such areas.

Regulatory Compliance

Healthcare regulations become more numerous and complex each year. Our attorneys have knowledge of HIPAA, the Pennsylvania Health Care Facilities Act, and Department of Health Regulations and how they affect long-term care operations. We can direct you, in clear terms, on what you really need to do to be in compliance.

Insurance & Benefits

The nature of the long-term care industry makes it extremely vulnerable to insurance problems and premium increases. Whether you need to develop alternative business insurance arrangements or a new benefit plan for your employees, we can be of assistance. We will help you keep costs down while assisting you to secure full coverage and follow all regulatory guidelines.

Labor & Employment

Managing employees effectively is critical to providing quality service to your residents. Our labor & employment attorneys can help you do so by educating your supervisory staff on union avoidance, performance management, discipline, employee relations, wage and hour law, sexual harassment, and interviewing and hiring methods. We can also assist you in drafting policies, procedures, and handbooks that will not only prevent employment claims and issues, but also create a fair environment and motivated workforce. When problems do occur, we will draw on our wealth of experience to defend against union organizing activity or deal with the NLRB, the EEOC, the Department of Labor, and other administrative agencies to get the best result for you.


Claims Prevention

Long-term care providers are particularly at risk for a variety of claims from employees, residents, families, and visitors. When these matters occur, they can consume your time and financial resources. We can provide training and advice on how to prevent incidents that may result in claims – saving you time and money so you can focus on providing care.

Claims Management & Litigation

In the event that you do face an incident or claim, our litigators can help you manage it. We regularly work with a number of insurance carriers and have handled many cases involving workers’ compensation, employment issues, medical malpractice, and general liability. In order to help you obtain the best result, we will investigate an incident before it becomes a claim. When appropriate, we will seek to resolve claims through arbitration. And when necessary, we will protect your interests in court.

Real Estate

Our attorneys have experience in a broad range of real estate transactions including purchases and sales, financing, land development, and condominium organization.

Workers’ Compensation

Our Workers’ Compensation Group has knowledge and experience in successfully handling all facets of the workers’ compensation claims process. We provide defense of workers’ compensation claims for insured and self-insured facilities, and counseling in areas such as insurance premium reduction, prevention of claims, avoidance of fraudulent claims, and minimizing the negative effects of claims. Our group offers assistance in the preparation of forms and policy manuals regarding workers’ compensation claims. Additionally, we can provide education and training of supervisors and human resources in safety and the proper handling of claims.

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