Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals

The attorneys at Knox McLaughlin Gornall & Sennett, P.C. have extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry and the ever-changing issues that affect it. As a result, we are able to help you capitalize on opportunities, and anticipate and resolve challenges before they arise.

As a healthcare professional, you work with patients who have a variety of physical and emotional needs. Your legal needs are nearly as diverse as the patients you serve. Our attorneys can assist you in the following areas:

Business & Tax

Licensure & Compliance

Healthcare practitioners face a number of licensure, compliance, and third-party payor requirements and issues. We can help you interpret these ever-changing regulations and put vital compliance programs in place. We are familiar with all the regulations that may affect you and your professional practice, including fraud and abuse issues, Anti-Kickback regulations and safe harbors, and Stark Law regulations.

Business Organization

Our business attorneys have been involved in developing and implementing the corporate and business structures of a variety of professional organizations. We strive to create structures that will protect the owners’ assets by minimizing personal liability and tax exposure. We can also help you establish partnership, shareholder, and similar agreements that define your business relationships and protect the practice from unforeseen problems or contingencies that may (and often do) arise.

Insurance & Benefits

Professional practices confront some unique challenges with pension and welfare benefit plan design. Our attorneys can help you navigate ERISA regulations when setting up your retirement plan, and regulatory standards when making health insurance choices. And when new rules are published, you can trust us to make the necessary changes to your plans and documents.

Labor & Employment

Managing employees effectively is critical to providing quality care to your patients and maintaining the operations of your practice. Our labor & employment attorneys can help you do so by establishing policies and procedures, creating employee handbooks, and answering your questions on discipline and performance matters. We will also help you stay in compliance with employment regulations such as ERISA, FMLA, ADA, and HIPAA.


Risk Management

Healthcare professionals are particularly vulnerable to malpractice claims. When these matters occur, they can quickly consume your time, effort, and financial resources. Our litigation attorneys can provide sound advice on how to prevent and avoid incidents that may result in claims – saving you time and money so you can focus on patient care.

Claims Management & Litigation

In the event that you do face an incident or claim, our litigators can help you manage it. Whether it is a claim of medical malpractice, a contractual issue, or a labor problem, we are experienced in navigating the litigation and dispute resolution process. In order to get the best result, we will investigate an incident before it becomes a claim. When appropriate, we will seek to resolve claims through arbitration. And when necessary, we will protect your interests in court.

Real Estate

From residential transactions to complex commercial deals, our real estate group is experienced in all aspects of real estate transactions. We provide service in areas including partnerships and limited partnerships, financing and refinancing, zoning, tax advice and planning, leases, deed preparation, closing service, title insurance, and environmental compliance.

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