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Knox Law Public Strategies

Public Strategies is a service offered by Knox McLaughlin Gornall & Sennett, P.C. providing strategic communications, public affairs and public policy consulting services to private and public entities in the Erie and northwestern Pennsylvania region.  

We are local, connected, and invested. As attorneys, we understand how business and government operate and provide a uniquely practical perspective into our regional governments and businesses. As community leaders, we actively cultivate relationships in government and regional development organizations — relationships that are critical to the success of major projects. 

We are prepared to translate this knowledge and these relationships into tangible success. 

Who We Serve

Government and business often desire to work together, but ultimately they speak different languages and must serve different and demanding constituencies. We are fluent in both government and business. We have the necessary expertise to help business and government articulate their vision and achieve their goals.

How We Serve

  • Develop Communications Plans
  • Guide opinion
  • Advocate, educate and build consensus
  • Shape public policy
  • Build and enhance strategic relationships

Strategic Communications

To achieve a goal, you must first articulate your goal. The path to success begins by articulating your goal to the right audience in a strategic, consistent and coordinated manner.

Our professionals work with you to develop a communications plan, which not only identifies what you should communicate, but also to whom, when, where and how, all in a manner that matches your project goals.

Public Affairs

Achieving “change” in our local and state governments often requires conducting an awareness campaign on two fronts: raising awareness that an issue exists, and educating specifically targeted constituents to help them understand why they should care and why they should act to support your issue.

Whether it requires designing web-based grassroots efforts, coordinating traditional educational and advocacy campaigns, or simply facilitating public meetings, we have the necessary resources and experience to help you meet your goals.

Public Policy Consulting

Government has the responsibility to create and implement sound public policy initiatives. But our public officials do not have all the answers. If you have an idea for how things should change, we can help you achieve that vision.

Case Studies

Public Affairs

  • Engaged by a local economic development organization to lead a public discussion on the development of water and sewer infrastructure in a region that has strong development potential.
  • Brought municipal, business and regional partners together to identify challenges to infrastructure development, and worked with partners so that they could work together to achieve common goals.
  • Facilitated public meetings to discuss the matter and managed press relations.

Strategic Communications/Public Affairs

  • Engaged by a prominent local business which was concerned that a decision which was to be made by a local government entity would materially and negatively impact their business concern.
  • Developed, in less than a week, a multifaceted public affairs campaign that was designed to bring public attention to the proposal and to help inform the public as to why the potential decision could negatively impact private business.
  • The campaign resulted in a negotiated deal with the local government entity which benefited the private business concern.

Public Affairs/Public Policy Consulting

  • A government entity is proposing a large public works project in front of a prominent local business. The business is concerned that the large public works project will negatively impact their business.
  • Facilitated meetings with government representatives and all affected local business entities. Advised the local business on a strategy to obtain a solution that will meet both the goals of the government and the needs of the business.
  • Developed public awareness campaign.
  • The government entity redesigned its plans to accommodate our client.

For More Information

Please contact Timothy S. Wachter by phone at (814) 459-2800 or by email.

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