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Attorneys Baumann, Wachter and Gornall Featured in PSBA Bulletin Magazine

Posted on March 11, 2022

Collage PSBA Bulletin magazine Mar Apr 2022

Bryan Baumann, Tim Wachter and Jennifer Gornall were all interviewed for and featured extensively in the March/April PSBA Bulletin magazine.

PSBA is the Pennsylvania School Boards Association.

Vaping in Schools

Bryan and Tim were featured in the article "Student Vaping in Schools," drawing on their experience representing school districts in this space.

As Tim notes, "school districts are left to try and address the public health crisis that has been caused by the marketing of these items to children."

Bryan indicates "the best way for school districts to explore potentially filing a claim is to contact a law firm involved in this Juul litigation on behalf of school districts to discuss their options."

Our firm is engaged with districts throughout Pennsylvania on such litigation against Juul. Please call us at 814-459-2800 for more information.

Free Speech in Schools

Jennifer was featured in the article "Free Speech: An Overview of Students' First Amendment Rights." She represents many school districts in northwest Pennsylvania, often advising them on first amendment-related issues.

As noted in the article, she says "School officials need to understand when they have the ability to restrict free speech of students, and when don't. If they don't have that awareness, they might accidentally violate a student's First Amendment rights without knowing they did so."

Both articles can be found here.

For more information, please contact Sarah Holland.