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Reminder: PA Requires COVID-19 Safety Procedures Flyers

Posted on June 24, 2020

REMINDER: The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is requiring businesses with in-person operations or who are open to the public to post a COVID-19 Safety Procedures for Businesses flyer on their premises.

According to the Commonwealth’s website, the purpose of the flyer is to ensure the business’s employees and/or customers are “aware of the guidance provided by the Commonwealth to keep people at their establishment safe.”

The flyer, which must be signed by the business owner, corporate officer, site manager, site foreperson or equivalent, should be posted in an employee common space and near the public entrance if the business is open to the public. It also includes a spot to designate the business’s Pandemic Safety Officer, which in some cases, could be the same as the other signer.

The Commonwealth is not requiring businesses to return the signed flyer, or to submit a safety response plan. They do encourage business owners to share this information electronically with their employees.

The flyer is available in two sizes and can be found on the Commonwealth's website.

If you have further questions about the flyer, or any other HR-related issue, please reach out to one of our Labor & Employment attorneys.

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