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Opportunity for Estate Review During Pandemic

Posted on March 25, 2020

Knox Law is committed to serving our clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our attorneys and staff are working remotely and are available by phone and/or email to help with any questions you and/or your clients may have regarding their estate plans.

We are pleased to review, at no cost, estate plans we prepared for you and your clients. Further, if you are a new client who is concerned about your estate plan and would like to have us review it, there is also no charge for our review.

Importantly, under Pennsylvania law, wills and trusts do NOT need to be witnessed or notarized to be valid. We can provide documentation to clients who wish to revise or develop their estate plans. The clients can execute the documents in their homes and, after the pandemic subsides, we can more fully review the plans and, if necessary, adjust them further at our office and provide for witnesses and notarization.

If you or any of your clients are interested, please feel free to provide them with our contact information or introduce us via email. A list of your favorite Knox Law estate attorneys can be found here, or via the link below.

Please stay safe and healthy. We look forward to a prompt resolution of this pandemic.

Very truly yours,
Knox Law's Estate Planning & Administration Group

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