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Alex Cox and Philip Seaver-Hall Receive ECBA Pro Bono Award

Posted on May 09, 2023

Alex Cox and Philip Seaver-Hall received the Pro Bono Award at today's Law Day celebration, hosted by the Erie County Bar Association (ECBA).


The Pro Bono Award has been given annually since 1989 to an ECBA member or members who has/have contributed significantly to pro bono cases in our area. We are proud that Alex and Philip are the first from Knox Law to receive this award.

Alex and Philip are recognized for handling a pro bono lawsuit that was a federal civil-rights case in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of PA involving a prisoner who alleged that he was subject to excessive force and other violations of his civil rights, while incarcerated. Alex was appointed by Judge Baxter to represent the plaintiff (the prisoner) in 2017, and the case eventually proceeded to a federal jury trial before Judge Baxter in the Fall of 2021, at which point Philip joined in. Alex and Philip’s hard work led to settlement discussions which resulted in a favorable confidential settlement in our client’s favor. Alex and Philip continued to represent the client into 2022.

We applaud Alex and Philip's efforts and time on this pro bono matter.

For more information, please contact Sarah Holland.