Attorneys Sennett, Musone & Sennett Obtain Favorable Decision for School District

Posted on June 04, 2018


Timothy Sennett, Michael Musone & Christopher Sennett

Knox Law recently obtained a successful decision from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on behalf of the Millcreek Township School District in its efforts to sell the former Ridgefield Elementary School.

In an unanimous opinion, the Supreme Court reversed a decision from the Commonwealth Court that ordered a public sale of the former elementary school. Timothy Sennett, on behalf of the School District, previously obtained judicial approval from the Court of Common Pleas to sell the property to Velocity Network for $1.1 million. That decision was challenged by Montessori Charter School, a potential purchaser of the property. Montessori succeeded before the Commonwealth Court, which ordered that the property be sold at public auction.

After agreeing to accept the case on appeal, Michael Musone, Timothy Sennett and Christopher Sennett submitted briefs for the District and the case was argued by Attorney Musone. In its decision, the Supreme Court reinstated the trial court’s order approving the sale, clarifying the trial court’s role in deciding how Pennsylvania school districts can sell unused property. More information can be found at as well.

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