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PA's Act 9 Implications Beyond Pandemic

Posted on April 13, 2020

By now, most employers are aware of Pennsylvania Act 9’s temporary COVID-19 related changes to the state’s unemployment compensation law. Based on recent conversations with clients, we are reminding employers that Act 9 also contains a new employer mandate which will continue after the pandemic ends.

Specifically, Act 9 mandates that employers, at the time of separation (regardless of the nature or duration), provide employees with notice of the availability of unemployment compensation benefits to those who qualify. Additionally, employers must notify separated employees of the following:

  • That the employee can apply for UC benefits immediately;
  • Pennsylvania’s UC website, as well as toll-free telephone number;
  • That the employee will need the following information to apply for UC benefits:
    • Employee’s full legal name,
    • Social security number, and
    • If not a citizen of the United States, authorization to work in the United States.

Employers are required to provide all employees separated on or subsequent toMarch 27, 2020 with the above information.

Importantly, Act 9 does not limit the notice requirement to COVID-19 related separations, nor does the law contain a sunset provision for this requirement. As such, employers are advised to provide this notice to all separated employees and continue to do so even after the pandemic ends.

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