Mergers & Acquisitions Process Overview: 5-Part Series

The Mergers & Acquisitions Process Overview Series is a sequence of five articles about the purchase and sale process, which are all linked below.

It is intended to provide business owners with a broad overview of the transaction process and answer some of the questions that are frequently asked:

  • What is involved in a purchase/sale transaction?
  • What should I be looking for as a seller/buyer?
  • What is this due diligence process I’ve heard about and how do I handle it?
  • How is the acquisition agreement negotiated?
  • What are some suggestions for post-closing integration to enhance the prospects for success?

5-Part Series

  • Part 1: Triggers for buyers and sellers, generally, and the process by which they come together
  • Part 2: Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Part 3: Due Diligence process
  • Part 4: Acquisition Agreement content and negotiation
  • Part 5: Ancillary Closing Documents and post-closing techniques for a successful transition

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