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Business Succession & MaxProtect Plan® Testimonial: Doug Starr, ECCA

Doug Starr discusses working through a business succession plan and using the MaxProtect Plan® and trusts for his business, ECCA. He discusses how while he was initially overwhelmed, working with Tom Hoffman and Knox Law was beneficial and effective.

"The estate plan worked out exactly how it was mapped out. So, there was a very seamless transition with respect to the transfer of the stock and the ownership of the company when my father did pass. We were very pleased with how that whole process worked out... it has worked extremely well for our family."

He also discusses working through estate administration (probate) for both of his parents’ estates with Knox Law in Pennsylvania – another easy and seamless process.

"We had to go through probate down at the courthouse and the whole process probably could not had been easier. The assistance from the folks at the Knox Firm was first class. Literally, we went down to the courthouse with one of their associates and probably spent not even five minutes, signed a piece of paper or two and that was it and we were done. So, it was extremely simple fast process to have to go through."

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