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Posted on November 11, 2022

TOP10 Reasons

You have worked your whole career to provide for your family. Now is the time to make sure that your hard work continues to pay off so that you, your spouse, and your family can enjoy financial freedom long into the future – including if (or when) you need long-term care services.

The road to financial freedom and peace of mind is not always smooth. The following are ten reasons to hire an experienced elder law attorney to navigate long-term care and Medicaid issues:

#10 Long-term care costs continue to rise: without planning, your lifetime of savings can disappear quickly.

#9 Even if you are healthy now, chances are, you may need long-term care services in the future.

#8 You don’t know what you don’t know… about Medicaid eligibility and the application process.

#7 You can’t trust the advice you receive in the grocery check-out line, regarding transferring assets (like your home) to your children.

#6 The Medicaid Estate Recovery Program is a thing...

#5 Pennsylvania’s Filial Support Law allows nursing homes to collect unpaid bills from your children, spouse or other relatives.

#4 You would rather receive long-term care services at home, but don’t know where to start.

#3 It isn’t too late if you (or your loved one) is already in a nursing home, or about to be – there are still ways to protect assets.

#2 No one-size-fits-all solution exists: blended families, unexpected deaths, and other circumstances can complicate planning.


#1 Navigating long-term care costs and Medicaid is stressful. Our team has the compassion to help individuals and families plan for the future and gain peace of mind.

    If you have questions about Medicaid, Elder Law, long-term care costs, or other asset protection and estate planning issues, contact us at 814-459-2800.

    Jerome C.Wegley

    Jerome C. Wegley

    Jerome C. Wegley’s practice focuses on asset protection and business succession planning. He helps people protect their assets from taxes, creditors, future ex-spouses and ex-in-laws, and nursing homes, so they may choose who benefits from their assets (themselves, their children, charities, etc.).



    Jeffrey D.Scibetta

    Jeffrey D. Scibetta

    Jeffrey D. Scibetta focuses his practice on elder law planning, complex estate planning and administration, business & tax planning, and real estate. He has spoken to a variety of groups and professionals about all of these matters.



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